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Lindsay LipDub - May 31, 2012 - Kent. St., Lindsay, ON

With over 9,300 people in attendance, Lindsay LipDub made history as the world's largest and Canada's first city LipDub...and it was all captured in one, continuous shot!

A LipDub is a lip-synching music video filmed in one, continuous shot. Start to finish: no cuts; no edits. Lindsay LipDub sparked unprecedented community spirit and national celebrity attention, stimulated creativity, and brought people of all ages and interests together to participate in a truly unique experience.

Filming Lindsay LipDub was completed, start-to-finish, in two hours with the help of over 150 volunteers. The main street was closed spanning seven city blocks and was filled with more than 9,300 participants from over 80 local schools, groups, teams, clubs, businesses, and more. Filmed on the RED Scarlet-X.

This project was conceived and produced by a small group in our twenties who wanted to do something good in our community. 1-in-7 people from our community came to participate in the event (if this were done in Toronto, that would require over 350,000 participants to reach the same ratio).

We used this LipDub as a way to bring our community together,
and together any community can find a way to achieve the incredible...

Find a way to achieve the incredible.

By The Numbers

  • 9300 participants of all ages came together on May 31, 2012 in Lindsay, ON
  • 1-in-7 people in our community took part. If you were to do this in Toronto, you would need close to 350,000 participants to maintain the same ratio.
  • Over 8000+ hours were logged from inception to completion of the project.
  • Filmed in one, continuous, shot with no cuts. This was live theatre, captured on film.
  • Only 2 hours: The amount of time it took to situate all participants, rehearse, film, and get the street cleaned-up and opened to traffic.
  • 150+ Volunteers and
    80+ groups

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